‘Face to Face: Ocean Portraits’ Book


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Face to Face: Ocean Portraits 

A stunning visual exploration of people who have been inspired by the oceans, who voyaged to the limits of possibility, who endured unfathomable hardships on the high seas, and who have broadened the horizons of our understanding – heroes of maritime and seafaring history alongside men and women of many nations working in the modern marine environment.

Veteran yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston provides the foreword, and award-winning RNLI lifeboatman and photographer Nigel Millard provides new photography for Ocean Portraits

Come face to face with those who have spent their lives off-shore, including naval veterans, hardy lifeboatmen, deep-sea divers, veteran surfers, inventors and innovators, long-distance swimmers, record-breaking rowers and famous skippers, to leading scientists, environmentalists and advocates for ocean conservation.

From weathered fisher-folk and salty sea-dogs to pioneering oceanographers and navigators, meet a crew of characters who have been drawn to the sea, to live, to work, to seek adventure; people who have been inspired by the sea to write, to compose, to dare and to dream.

Celebrating people from all over the world, including: France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Russia. Ocean Portraits also features essays on the challenges and rewards of photography at sea


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